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Re: Question on gcc install

On 6/18/2014 05:33, Arthur Schwarz wrote:
> Hi Larry;
> I think I mislead you. Netbeans is quite comfortable with cygwin, and I
> believe demands it in a Windows environment. What Netbeans requires is the
> exact oath to use for gcc, g++, gfortran, the assembler, make file, gdb, and
> qmake (optional). The make file path and gdb are invariant. The other
> executables must be provided (except for the unadornded gcc, g++, gfortran,
> and as). 

No, gdb happens to be invariant because you don't have cross gdb
installed. You cannot debug 32bit code with 64bit gdb on Windows.

> The issue of "what's going on" first came up because gcc -m32 did not work
> for any compiler. In talking with  Marc Glisse @, he had some
> questions on c++config.h. In finding the path to and looking at this file I
> became confused as to the directories available, their use and their
> association with the executables and gcc versions. Given the latest (16 Jun)
> release I am further confused.

Cygwin gcc has never supported -m32.

> At the present time /bin/gcc.exe, etc., works. /bin/*mingw*.exe either
> compiles but does not link, or does not compile - which seems to be a header
> issue. gcc -m32 does not work which may be a gcc.gnu issue.

Can you at least be specific about the errors? It is rather frustrating
reading your emails, being so vague about and all. Are you mixing Cygwin
and mingw code?

> If there is a resource document that I can look at to find the meaning of
> life, could you tell me where to find it? I have downloaded the
> document set for vrs. 4.8.3, Is this sufficient?

My advice is, stop jumping to conclusions, and stop assuming facts about
how things are related, and fix your email client to reply to threads
properly instead of starting a new thread for every reply.

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