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Re: Question on gcc install

Hi Larry;

I think I mislead you. Netbeans is quite comfortable with cygwin, and I
believe demands it in a Windows environment. What Netbeans requires is the
exact oath to use for gcc, g++, gfortran, the assembler, make file, gdb, and
qmake (optional). The make file path and gdb are invariant. The other
executables must be provided (except for the unadornded gcc, g++, gfortran,
and as). 

The issue of "what's going on" first came up because gcc -m32 did not work
for any compiler. In talking with  Marc Glisse @, he had some
questions on c++config.h. In finding the path to and looking at this file I
became confused as to the directories available, their use and their
association with the executables and gcc versions. Given the latest (16 Jun)
release I am further confused.

At the present time /bin/gcc.exe, etc., works. /bin/*mingw*.exe either
compiles but does not link, or does not compile - which seems to be a header
issue. gcc -m32 does not work which may be a gcc.gnu issue.

If there is a resource document that I can look at to find the meaning of
life, could you tell me where to find it? I have downloaded the
document set for vrs. 4.8.3, Is this sufficient?


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