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RE: Re: Question on gcc install

gcc 4.8.3-?
Netbeans 7.4

Hi csaba;

I just downloaded the latest version of gcc (16 Jun version). Strangely
enough, the [ANNOUNCEMENT] says that it is gcc 4.8.3-1 and the setup
download says it is gcc 4.8.3-2. Sigh.

There are some changes. The 

executables are missing as well as all executables for gnu cygwin, that is:

instead we are left with our friends, gcc.exe, g++.exe, gfortran.exe, and

The /usr directories and the /usr/lib/gcc directories are unchanged. I can
understand (I think) the /usr directories, there is 1 directory supporting
gnu cygwin and 3 directories supporting mingw, but I don't understand
/usr/lib/gcc. There is, at best, only one gnu cygwin executable toolchain,
but there are 2 directories which support gnu cygwin,

Now if I can sort of make sense out of the previous collection of
executables and directories, this one seems to have too many directories for
the supported gnu cygwin compilers in /usr/lib/gcc or too few executables in

There is but one other point. There has been a change to the compiler
version supported in /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin. It is now 4.8.3 instead of
4.8.2. The new list is:
        i686-pc-cygwin        4.8.3
        i686-pc-mingw32       4.7.3
        i686-w64-mingw32      4.8.2
        x86_64-pc-cygwin      4.8.3
        x86_64-w64-mingw32    4.8.2

Bye the bye, being a quick and quite inaccurate typist, my last e-mail
should have said, "In any case, anything you can do to clarify would be
appreciated (including the statement, "read the book")." The sentiment is
still valid.


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