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Re: libtirpc and redeclared bindresvport/bindresvport_sa

On 2014-05-27 01:54, Peter Rosin wrote:
I ran into this problem [1] when doing some RPC coding, and went
searching for a resolution. But I came up empty. Was there any
further discussion?

AFAICS that thread is the extent of it.

Is this what is holding up the libvirt ITP?

No, I think that would just be Eric's schedule.

Meanwhile, libtirpc-0.2.4 has been released, but this particular
problem probably remains [2].

The issue is an upstream one, and as you note, exists even on glibc platforms. The function originates in sunrpc code, which is now maintained as libtirpc, but because it was treated as a generic networking function in glibc (declared in <netinet/in.h>), it is still provided even if the now-obsolete RPC code is not (IOW if glibc is configured w/o --enable-obsolete-rpc).

Since these are just redundant declarations and not conflicting ones, each existing for good reason, and the identical situation exists on glibc platforms, I don't think this is really an issue that needs to be addressed at this time. If a real-world failure does occur, we can reassess the situation then.


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