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Re: Package file lists archive

On 5/27/2014 16:11, Christopher Faylor wrote:

This would ease the burden of the site, as it is the only site with
that information currently

It is surviving just fine.

Speaking of, is the source for package-grep.cgi available somewhere? I could quarter the page weight, and probably improve the render time in browsers considerably, too. It currently takes about 16 seconds to completely load in Firefox on my system, most of which is just page rendering time, due to the huge table used for layout.

(I'd also need either a static copy of its input, or a way to easily generate it locally.)

The /packages page load time is a considerable fraction of this, at roughly 2-4 seconds. It's only returning about 120 kB of text (compressed) so that comes to roughly half a megabit/sec. I assume that means the script is running every time, re-generating the whole page text anew instead of caching the output, despite the fact that the input probably changes less often than once a day on average. Caching should give a page load time of a few hundred ms, and save some CPU time to boot.

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