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Re: Cygwin on Max OS X ?

Greetings, Warren Young!

>> make sure the tools you are using are
>> available for Cygwin in the same (or compatible enough) form.

> OS X is closest to the BSDs in terms of userland and kernel APIs, 
> whereas Cygwin mostly emulates Linux, except where Win32 leaks through. 
>   There are plenty of differences between them that can justify testing 
> under both environments:

> - vast dynamic linkage, networking, and ACL/EA differences
> - /Users, /System, /Library vs /home, /sbin, /lib
> - BSD find, locate, etc. vs GNU findutils
> - bsdtar vs GNU tar
> - no /proc in OS X
> - /dev/clipboard vs pbcopy/pbpaste
> - strace vs dtrace
> - /etc files, SAM and AD vs Open Directory
> - launchd vs Windows Services

I kind of know that. Had a Mac for short of a year myself, and used and
exploited it thoroughly.
I think, the real question could only be answered by the OP himself: What
actually you are doing, what parts of the system your scripts are touching,
I know what I write (that has to be cross-platform) is easily portable,
because it is pretty self-contained, not touching the system core in any way.
At least, it works transparently on Mac/Linux/Win with no changes to the core
functionality, even if sometimes need a bit of pre-configuration to adapt to
the specific user's locations and such. But this would be true for many

Andrey Repin ( 06.06.2014, <03:17>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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