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Re: [v1.7.30] Mapped shared drive lost after sshd session logout and log back in

On 06/05/2014 05:01 PM, Irwen Song wrote:
I encountered a mapped shared drive problem in 1.7.30. I can login and
run  the "net use" command to map a shared folder on the network. But it seems
like that every time I log out the session and log back in, the mapped
driver is no longer there. Previously when I was in version 1.7.28, this
never happened. I'm wondering this is a bug or not.

I believe you would call that luck. ;-)

This is a touchy area regardless but I just tried it on a 1.7.27
installation and it didn't work, even using password authentication.
There may be a way to get this to work for you but it would
definitely require some time to investigate.



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