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Re: RemoteServerAdministrationTools problem

> Aside from this set of Windows tools, can you reproduce the same behavior
> with some more commonly available and more compact utility?

I had two system exhibiting this symptom. Wish there was an official way to
install an older cygwin, like 1.7.27 or .26.  No other commands are behaving
differently that I am aware of.

I did reinstall win7 ent on my second system, installed RSAT and cygwin and
dsquery works again.  Not sure what I did in both systems to create this
problem.  I though it was Proxy32 for proxywinconsole.exe which let me go
interactive from a cygwin shell to powershell for my powershell wrapper (see but I only installed that on my
main system.  I'll rebuild and continue to install all the utils to see what
breaks it again.

The RSAT tools give command line access to AD and lets me script so much.  I'm
blown away by how a windows admin will work so inefficiently using the Active
Directory User and Computers GUI tool.  Batch scripting is terrible and the
windows console is worse.  And don't start me on Powershell! Powershell has a
crappy console, no history retention ... how can they be valid
shells/consoles? You just dont develop ps1 scripts to call ps1 scripts to
build more powerfull utils in powershell like you do in unix.  Cygwin with
RXVT gives me a complete enough unix shell with a great console (cut and paste
anyone?).  I can script mixing powershell, dos batch and cygwin I can make
windows managable.

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