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Re: RemoteServerAdministrationTools problem

On 06/03/2014 12:50 AM, John Bianchi wrote:
On 06/02/2014 07:09 PM, John Bianchi wrote:


I can get output in cygwin from this call but cannot pass args to this
$ dsquery user
.... <snip>
lists CNs but not all of them in lower OU's, you will need to call
w/args for that.

Sounds a bit like <>
to me.  Take a look at the entire thread and the reference to the original
patch that began this journey.


I've tried Cygwin 64bit 1.7.30 and the commands work like they used to in 32
bit Cygwin.

Not sure if the thread you provided covers this as there is no "=" passed

OK, looking at your original message again, I misinterpreted the results.

I also dont call cmd.exe as I call the dsquery.exe directly in a cygwin
bash sehll.  Was there other changes made that affect this?  Reading that
thread seems the changes are made ... no talk of reverting... so is 64 bit
gonna get broken next?  Why isn't 64 bit the same, ie have the same problem?
Shouldn't they be the same? Did that change not get made in the 64 bit version
of cygwin?

OK, this is interesting.  I can't explain this offhand.

This sound a bit like the age-old problem of Windows programs not
understanding Cygwin ptys but that's nothing new and I'm not aware
of any recent changes myself that could have a bearing.  Given that
and other details you've provided, I don't believe this is the same

Aside from this set of Windows tools, can you reproduce the same behavior
with some more commonly available and more compact utility?



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