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Re: Are there any SELinux tools available for Cygwin?

Warren Young wrote
> On 5/31/2014 12:33, PolarStorm wrote:
>> I'd like to
>> refrain from having to run long remote sessions on each machine while
>> experimentally editing all the various policy files. Downloading all
>> files
>> in
>> one go and doing analysis and editing locally, is why I wanted to do this
>> on Cygwin.
> How is that easier?  You have to test each experimental edit, and that 
> requires a Linux kernel running SELinux.  Cygwin is not a Linux kernel.
> Personally, if I were still experimenting, I'd spin up a VM configured 
> like the system I intended to modify, do my work on it, then ship a 
> completed policy set to the remote system.  Linux VM how-tos are 
> off-topic here, though.

Yes, I'm used to VM's. This is probably the way I'll end up doing it.  
It's to laborious for me to try to compile all these tools on Cygwin.
In addition, I wouldn't know what would be compatible with what. 

>> Another
>> point is that there seem to exist ~3 different "flavors" of SELinux
>> implementations,
> What point are you making here, exactly?  Do you want Cygwin to emulate 
> one of them, or all of them, or none of them?
> I think all three choices are doomed, each for a different reason.

In an ideal world, I would have asked to be able to deal with all of them,
but at this point "any one" could also be helpful.

But it would be more interesting to hear why you think all of them are

Thanks for taking the time to give a proper answer, I very much appreciate

Best Wishes,

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