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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ncurses-5.9-20140524-1

The following packages have been updated in the Cygwin distribution:

* ncurses-5.9-20140524-1
* ncurses-demo-5.9-20140524-1
* libncurses10-5.9-20140524-1 (x86 only)
* libncursesw10-5.9-20140524-1
* libncurses-devel-5.9-20140524-1
* terminfo-5.9-20140524-1
* terminfo-extra-5.9-20140524-1

Ncurses (new curses) started as a freely distributable clone of SVr4 curses. It has outgrown the clone description, and now contains many features which are not in SVr4 curses. Curses is a pun on the term "cursor optimization". It is a library of functions that manage an application's display on character-cell terminals.

This release updates ncurses to the latest upstream patch release, and consolidates the packaging differences between the two arches:

* Wide character support is now the default throughout.

* The duplicate ncurses and ncursesw packages are merged into a single ncurses package; the same goes for the demo and devel subpackages.

* All packages built from now on with libncurses-devel will now depend on libncursesw10; the 'w'-less import libraries and headers are now just aliases.

* On x86, libncurses10 (narrow-char) is still provided for the benefit of packages previously built for it.

* On x86_64, terminfo-extra is split out from terminfo as it has been on x86.




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