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Re: Are there any SELinux tools available for Cygwin?

On 5/31/2014 12:33, PolarStorm wrote:
I'd like to
refrain from having to run long remote sessions on each machine while
experimentally editing all the various policy files. Downloading all files
one go and doing analysis and editing locally, is why I wanted to do this
on Cygwin.

How is that easier? You have to test each experimental edit, and that requires a Linux kernel running SELinux. Cygwin is not a Linux kernel.

Personally, if I were still experimenting, I'd spin up a VM configured like the system I intended to modify, do my work on it, then ship a completed policy set to the remote system. Linux VM how-tos are off-topic here, though.

point is that there seem to exist ~3 different "flavors" of SELinux

What point are you making here, exactly? Do you want Cygwin to emulate one of them, or all of them, or none of them?

I think all three choices are doomed, each for a different reason.

As the next generation (>=KitKat) of Android mobile devices will all be
distributed with SEAndroid in Enforced mode, by default. These tools
will be exponentially of more interest to developers, as local editing
on mobile devices are either crippled, poorly implemented and tested,
or extremely inconvenient.

That's why the Android SDK includes an emulator, which is a VM, just as I described above.

Are you aware that some of the text editors ported to Cygwin can edit a file over SSH? For instance, vim:

   vim scp://user@remotehost:password/path/to/file

The edit proceeds at local speeds. A save takes a remote file upload, but you had to do that anyway.

I was hoping someone else would
have been interested enough to have tried to build these.

You aren't going to find SystemTap or iptables tools for Cygwin, either? Why? Same reason: you need a running Linux kernel to make any use of them, and Cygwin is not a Linux kernel.

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