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Re: Problem logging into ssh

On 05/31/2014 02:55 PM, PolarStorm wrote:
Noah White wrote
Iâve installed and configured sshd to run as a service under a particular
account which is an Administrator. I can ssh in fine as that user.
However, if I try to ssh as any other user I get the following error:

Last login: Wed May 21 18:58:35 2014 from foo.home
/bin/bash: Operation not permitted
Connection to tango closed.

The sshd installation scripts creates two users, one which should not be
used for login, so make sure you sue the right one. Some months ago

Actually, neither of the two possible accounts, one for running the service
and one for, optionally, privilege separation, should be used by the user as
a login.  The user should login via ssh using their Windows account login
name, after running 'ssh-user-config' as that user.

I posted details about various other issues with sshd setup on W8
machines. I have no idea if any of these have been fixed and implemented,
but have a close look at the thread:

Also, one of the accounts are erroneously set to expire in 42 days.

The privilege separation account, sshd, is disabled by design.  This
keeps anyone from using it as a login, since the account is supposed to
be used solely by the service as an added security measure.



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