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Re: Native links break zsh

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 6:41 AM, Yuriy Chernysho wrote:
> Hi!
> After adding
> export CYGWIN='winsymlinks:nativestrict'
> command to my .zshrc file I'm experiencing the problem with zsh
> HISTFILE. The message says:
> History locking file failed: No such file or directory.
> I don't know how this is related since HISTFILE isn't a link at all.
> Yuriy.

The  CYGWIN env variable must be set in the windows environment before
the cygwin dll is loaded by the first cygwin program to execute.
Setting it in the shell is too late, as it is set for shell children,
but not the shell or the dll.

If you installed cygwin to C:\cygwin, there will be a cygwin.bat
script there which starts a bash shell in a command window. You can
put the "set CYGWIN=..." command in that file before it starts the

If you start a terminal window from a menu item or icon, you must set
this environment variable before the terminal start the bash shell,
which usually means you must set it in the computer properties
(advanced system settngs/advanced/environment variables).

There is much more detailed info on the cygwin site. Usually google
can find it for me.


Doug Henderson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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