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Re: tmux failed and got the message: failed to connect to server: No error

On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 4:37 AM, Michael Wild <> wrote:
> Hi Guan-Zhong
> The problem is known upstream [1, 2] and I'm also trying to figure out
> which change in the cygwin DLL triggered this issue. I'll post here
> again once I know more.
> Michael
> [1]
> [2]
> On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 5:29 PM, Guan-Zhong Huang wrote:
>> cygwin-1.7.29-2 is ok.
>> After updating to cygwin-1.7.30-1, I can't start tmux.
>> I find it is because when tmux tries to connect to the unix domain
>> socket that tmux server listens and tmux server hasn't started yet,
>> connect() fails but errno is 0, not "Connection Refused (111)". This
>> causes tmux to exit with error.
>> If you want to reproduce this bug.
>> tmux might work at the first time because the unix domain socket is not created.
>> But after that, tmux will fail due to incorrect errno.
>> Here's the strace I got:
>> cygwin-1.7.30-1:
>>    96 1063224 [main] tmux 4072 cygwin_connect: -1 = connect(5,
>> 0x229780, 24), errno 0
>> cygwin-1.7.29-2:
>>    92 1054064 [main] tmux 3548 cygwin_connect: -1 = connect(5,
>> 0x229780, 24), errno 111
>> Best regads,
>> Guan-Zhong

I took a look and ran through some snapshots.  I remembered a
discussion last month regarding the propogation of socket errors to
dup'd sockets.  It seems the patch (or something commited at the same
time) broke this as on the 4/18 snapshot all works well and it breaks
on the 4/24 snapshot which is the same one that got that last bit
patched.  I do not know if the patch was ever tested as the OP of that
thread never responded from what I can tell.

I tested on x86 only as my x86_64 install is running May 23rd snapshot
and for some reason trying to go to an older snapshot resulted in an
unusable install so I reinstalled my x86 one in order to test the
older snapshot releases.


Robert Pendell
A perfect world is one of chaos.

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