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Re: Missing strings.exe in binutils

On 6/1/14, 8:28 PM, Cliff Hones wrote:
On 02/06/2014 00:01, Jeff Hubbs wrote:
I have a script within a very complex software package that uses the "strings"
command.  Everything I Googled/read suggests that strings.exe comes from the
binutils package.  The problem is that neither of the available versions of binutils
seem to actually contain strings.exe.  It's not in /usr/bin; find can't turn
it up under /usr at all.

There's even this:

     $ cygcheck -p strings.exe
     Found 19 matches for strings.exe

And if I go to$
this appears:

     2014-05-29 02:01      709661 usr/bin/strings.exe

Yet there's no strings.exe.  I've even tried binutils packages from a few
different mirrors.

If there's no fixed binutils package available, can someone shoot me a
strings.exe I can just fly into place for the time being?
strings.exe certainly is in the binutils package I have installed.  Either you haven't
actually installed binutils or something has gone wrong with the installation. I suggest
you rerun setup.exe and install or reinstall binutils, and if that doesn't help
follow the problem reporting guidelines at - in
particular attach the requested cygcheck output.

-- Cliff
It turned out that the setup.exe was 64-bit while the rest of the Cygwin installation was 32-bit. The errors I got from running cygcheck tipped me off. Case closed; strings.exe is present now. Thank you.

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