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New passwd handling upgrade issue?

I've been reading the mailing list updates on the new password handling as tipped by the message in the updated getent package a few days ago. First, thanks for putting this update in place, it will be a welcome improvement here with our group. I did notice that 1.7.30 was released earlier today with no announcement and apparently doesn't have the new functionality yet as expected though.

In my testing locally, everything seems to be going well with the exception of one issue that I'm seeing. Upon initial upgrade to the snapshot library, when opening a console I would get the "id: cannot find name for group ID" message as mentioned previously during testing [1]. This was tested with snapshots as recent as today [1.7.31s(0.273/5/3) 20140523 10:31:42 i686 Cygwin]. In my testing I didn't change anything except add the new snapshot dll. Of note is that I had an old /etc/passwd file with (obviously) different uid/pgid numbers, and the error was caused by trying to lookup the old primary gid as listed in the passwd entry and failing.

According to the discussion previously on the list, cygwin should report it as a fake group (either Unknown_Group+XXXX or Unknown+Group with gid -1, depending on the reference I read). In this case, the uid is resolved correctly (via passwd entry), however the group is not.



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