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Re: Screen crippled by applications using alternative screen

Christopher Faylor <cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please <at>> writes:

> Perhaps you aren't a native English speaker and incorrectly took offense
> at the mild term "gobbledegook" which was not directed at you.  I was
> referring to the author of the web page that you referenced.  If that is
> the author of ConEmu then he really doesn't seem to have a handle on how
> things work which is rather surprising given that he's written ConEmu.
> "ANSI codes" and "Windows consoles" don't mix.

I have understood that. I just didn't like that attitude, because I think 
Maximus5 (ConEmu developer) is a good developer and he knows what he's 
doing. But it's possible, that he's wrong in this of course.

But instead of writing that he wrote "gobbledegook", it would be nice to 
describe why he's wrong. So if I can ask you, please, describe it more in 
depth. Because I don't know much about how this works and it seems I have to 
act as a mediator.

Goal is obvious - how to make it work. For example mouse clicks in Midnight 
Commander inside ConEmu. In MinTTY it works, but not in 
ConEmu/Console2/cmd.exe etc. Nobody wants to put blame to others, it just 
would be nice, if it would work. You know a lot about internals, so please 
help with your advices. I'm sure, that it's not a problem for Maximus5 to 
implement whatever.

Thank you and have a nice day.

 David Ferenczy

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