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Re: Screen crippled by applications using alternative screen

> I'm still having issues with applications which use alternative screen for
> output (LESS, MAN). When I exit that application, its output stays on
> screen, prompt is displayed over it.
> My system is as follows:

> Example steps to reproduce the issue:
> 1. execute "man grep"
> 2. scroll down to the end (PAGE DOWN)
> 3. exit (press Q), result:
> 4. execute "pwd", result:
> 5. clear screen (CTRL + L), result:
> Behavior is the same in plain cmd.exe, Console2 and ConEmu. MinTTY works
> fine. If I exit MAN on first page (without scrolling), the screen isn't
> crippled.
> To reach clean screen I have to repeatedly clear the screen (CTRL + L)
> I browse whole MAN output (all pages). ...

Same story here: MinTTY works, Windows Console (cmd.exe): crippled.

My system: XP-sp3, Cygwin: 1.7.29-2 - 32 bits

(behavior Windows Console was not crippled before .28 as far as I can

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