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Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> > > >Yeah, I'm not exactly looking forward to it since I'm very familiar
>> > > >with CVS or SVN, but have nothing but trouble with git.  But since
>> > > >everybody else is so very happy with git, I guess I'll have to adapt.
>> > > >Teeth-gnashingly.
> Yeah, I'm trying to get a grip via "the book"

My recommendation for newcomers to Git would be to take any
not-too-large Git repository(*) and work out a few dozen ways of
breaking it; then freshly clone it to start over once you've thoroughly
messed it up.  Once you've done that a few times and maybe know how to
recover from a few less catastrophic sins (like resetting to where you
didn't want to be and then finding out where the former branch head
was), you should have a good base for deciding what kind of workflow
works for you and Git alike.  The thing that Git gets right is that it's
incredibly cheap to make yet another clone or branch for when you want
to try something even remotely risky.

(*) perhaps?

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