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Screen crippled by applications using alternative screen


I'm still having issues with applications which use alternative screen for 
output (LESS, MAN). When I exit that application, its output stays on 
screen, prompt is displayed over it.

My system is as follows:

OS: Windows 7 Home 64 bit
Cygwin: 1.7.29 64 bit
Console emulator: ConEmu 140416 64 bit, Console 2.00.148 64 bit

Example steps to reproduce the issue:

1. execute "man grep"
2. scroll down to the end (PAGE DOWN)
3. exit (press Q), result:
4. execute "pwd", result:
5. clear screen (CTRL + L), result:

Behavior is the same in plain cmd.exe, Console2 and ConEmu. MinTTY works 
fine. If I exit MAN on first page (without scrolling), the screen isn't 

To reach clean screen I have to repeatedly clear the screen (CTRL + L) until 
I browse whole MAN output (all pages). Alternative screen should be 
completely separated from the regular screen.

It's probably caused by that Cygwin doesn't send ANSI codes to the console 
emulator, see It 
has another consequences, for example there doesn't work mouse in 
applications under Cygwin, see
maximus5/issues/detail?id=1497 (last messages).

Would it be possible to solve this somehow? This could solve all issues with 
crippled screen, scroll buffer, not working mouse etc, I guess. Moreover 
ANSI codes are standard behavior.

Thank you for your opinion.

 Dawid Ferenczy

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