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Re: rm -f behavior

On Apr 25 17:47, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Apr 25 11:30, Douglas Coup wrote:
> > Incidentally, the sequence below should have nothing to do with Perforce.
> > 
> > $ touch dac.txt
> > $ chmod 444 dac.txt
> > $ rm -f dac.txt
> > 
> > This is being done completely outside of any Perforce workspaces.
> Sorry, this isn't helpful.  Make sure you're *really* using the correct
> Cygwin DLL from the snapshot (uname -a), and if the above sequence
> really fails to work, first call `attrib dac.txt' before calling rm to
> see if the R/O attribute is set, then call rm under strace again and
> send the strace.  Also, if the R/O attribute gets set in the above
> sequence, I have to know where it comes from.  As I said, Cygwin does
> not set the flag at all for normal files, not even in chmod.

...on NTFS.  It uses the R/O bit on FAT or other crippled filesystems,
but then it wouldn't even try to start a transaction since only NTFS
supports that anyway.


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