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Re: rm -f behavior

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On 4/25/2014 8:16 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr 24 18:36, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr 24 11:34, Douglas Coup wrote:
If I do "which rm" and "which chmod", it shows that both commands
resolve to the Cygwin binaries.

The attached rm.notworking.trace file is from an "rm -f dac.txt"
command that gets the permission denied error; i.e., when the
permissions on the file are 444.  Things seem to start going south
at entry 34276.
Gosh, how many ways to fail does transactional NTFS know?
Btw., this is not just the result of creating the file and chmod'ing it
to 444 in Cygwin, is it?  The reason I'm asking is that Cygwin does not
set the DOS R/O bit when chmod'ing the file to 444.  In fact, Cygwin
never sets the R/O bit, except for *.lnk type symlinks.
It doesn't seem to be related specifically to the chmod command.

For example, we use Perforce as our software control system. The files in my Perforce workspaces that are under Perforce control are read-only files unless they're checked out for modification. In Cygwin this means the files have a permission mask of 444 out of the box; no chmod command was done. If I pick one of those files and try to do an rm -f on it, I get the permission denied error. If I copy the file to a different name, I also get the permission denied error if I try to do an rm -f on it. But if I do chmod u+w on the file, I can do the rm -f.

However, this:

    20   34002 [main] rm 7580 unlink_nt: Trying to delete \??\C:\mydocs\temp\dac.txt, isdir = 0
   274   34276 [main] rm 7580 unlink_nt: Opening \??\C:\mydocs\temp\dac.txt for removing R/O failed, status = 0xC0190052
shows that the DOS R/O bit was set.  If this attribute really showed up
after you'd called chmod, how did it get there?!?


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