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Re: Coverity Scan

On 25/04/14 09:35, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
  There are some conditions associated with using Coverity Scan [2]. The
  one thing that jumps out is that our relationship with RedHat might be
  a stumbling block. We can but ask - the worst that can happen is that
  they politely decline.
They will.  #7 won't fly due to the buyout license clause.

Would you like me to enquire anyway?

  There have been a few hints on this list about a possible move from CVS
  to git. If such a move were on the cards then that should probably
  happen first - I wouldn't want the nugatory effort of getting this
  working from CVS only to have to change it almost immediately.
Yeah, I'm n ot exactly looking forward to it since I'm very familiar
with CVS or SVN, but have nothing but trouble with git.  But since
everybody else is so very happy with git, I guess I'll have to adapt.

It might help ease your pain knowing that you can use github with a svn client (to a limited extent):


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