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Coverity Scan

Coverity Scan [1] is a commercial (paid for) static analysis tool, but
they offer it to Open Source programmes for free. I was having a browse
through the list of Open Source programmes using Coverity Scan, and
noticed that Cygwin wasn't listed. Would there be any interest in
analysing the cygwin1.dll source code on a fairly regular basis? If so,
I would be happy to have a go at setting up an analysis job for Cygwin.

I would imagine this would be of interest to CGF, Corinna and anyone
else who regularly updates the Cygwin source code. Obviously, this is
only worth doing if the analysis results are looked at and acted upon.

There are some conditions associated with using Coverity Scan [2]. The
one thing that jumps out is that our relationship with RedHat might be
a stumbling block. We can but ask - the worst that can happen is that
they politely decline.

There have been a few hints on this list about a possible move from CVS
to git. If such a move were on the cards then that should probably
happen first - I wouldn't want the nugatory effort of getting this
working from CVS only to have to change it almost immediately.

Any thoughts?


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