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Re: Cygwin needs a man-db port

waterlan schreef op 2014-04-24 21:43:
Chris J. Breisch schreef op 2014-04-17 20:32:
Erwin Waterlander wrote:

The major linux distributions have switched for their man system to
'man-db' ( in favour of the classic man.

I think that Cygwin should also switch to man-db. man-db is much better
in handling man pages in different encoding.

Before man-db, libpipeline ( needs to be
ported, because man-db uses it.

I have tried to port man-db to Cygwin, but I did not succeed. I got
stuck in libpipeline. Did anyone else succeed?

Yes. And I agree this is a good idea.

Dependencies: gdbm, libpipeline

Build dependencies: pkgconfig, check, and the typical build stuff
(make, gcc, etc.)

As I indicated earlier, I believe the current version of check is not
working properly.

Check-0.9.12 seems to work out-of-the-box. Configure with --prefix=/usr.

"make check" on check reports all tests passed, despite what appear to
be some failures. The CHANGELOG says that this version should pass all
tests on Cygwin. I've just subscribed to the mailing list and will
check on whether these failures can be ignored or not. Still, it
definitely appears to work better than the version we have now, which
only passes 1 test in the test suite.

Libpipeline-1.3.0 seems to work out-of-the-box. Configure with --prefix=/usr.

Oddly a "make check" for libpipeline-1.3.0 doesn't appear to actually
do anything. This was not the case for earlier versions of
libpipeline. Well, that's one way of getting rid of the test failures,
I guess.

Man-db-2.6.7 appears to work out-of-the-box.

Configuring man-db is a little harder than the other two.

../man-db-2.6.7/configure --prefix=/usr --disable-setuid

When I run that I get this error:

checking for db1/db.h... no
checking ndbm.h usability... no
checking ndbm.h presence... no
checking for ndbm.h... no
configure: error: Fatal: no supported database library/header found

I needed to install gdbm-devel and then I could install man-db.

If you don't add the --disable-setuid, you'll need to add a "man" user
to your system. If you're not using Corinna's snapshots, you'll need
to add the user to /etc/passwd as well.

I'm not sure about the --docdir switch. That seemed to be consistent
with Cygwin, but an actual package maintainer would be a better source
of info on this.

A couple of warnings are generated:

*** Warning: This system can not link to static lib archive
*** I have the capability to make that library automatically link in when
*** you link to this library.  But I can only do this if you have a
*** shared version of the library, which you do not appear to have.

and a similar one for

I had the same warnings.

I do have shared versions of these libraries, so I'm not sure why the
warnings appear. I seem to recall a thread about something similar
recently in the Cygwin mailing lists. I may go back and check.

Once installed, you'll want to do a 'mandb -c' to create the database.
It will report numerous warnings which can generally be ignored. See
the manpage on mandb. This takes a while.

I got a couple of warnings. Not very much.

When new packages are added or updated on your system, you should run
'mandb -c' again. This seems like something that should be part of

I did not do that.

As far as I could see man-db worked very well. It displayed UTF-8, Latin-1, and KOI8-R encoded man pages correctly.

I only tried 32 bit. I used
check 0.9.12
libpipeline 1.3.0

best regards,

My 32-bit Cygwin install has a lot of gzipped files and the
uncompressed versions under /usr/share/man. mandb didn't like that at
all. That is probably something I did and not a Cygwin problem.

Note that I've done only the most minimal of testing. make check
passes for man-db and I've opened a few man pages. They seem to work.

Obviously, someone with decision making power should decide if this is
something we want to add to Cygwin. My vote is yes, but that's just
one vote. Or maybe even zero. I'm not sure I get a vote. :)

Also obviously, if the decision is to go forward, these three items
need to be packaged up appropriately and a package maintainer
assigned. Check is already a Cygwin package, but needs updating.

Somehow I have a feeling about who will be nominated for this task.

What minimal testing I have done has been on both 32-bit and 64-bit
Cygwin 1.7.29.

Erwin Waterlander

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