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Re: Cygwin needs a man-db port

Chris J. Breisch wrote:

Check-0.9.12 seems to work out-of-the-box. Configure with --prefix=/usr.

"make check" on check reports all tests passed, despite what appear to
be some failures. The CHANGELOG says that this version should pass all
tests on Cygwin. I've just subscribed to the mailing list and will check
on whether these failures can be ignored or not. Still, it definitely
appears to work better than the version we have now, which only passes 1
test in the test suite.

Just to follow-up on this a bit more.

I misunderstood the results from check's check. I should learn just to trust the summary results. The tests passed.

Libpipeline-1.3.0 seems to work out-of-the-box. Configure with

Oddly a "make check" for libpipeline-1.3.0 doesn't appear to actually do
anything. This was not the case for earlier versions of libpipeline.
Well, that's one way of getting rid of the test failures, I guess.

I must have done something wrong in the build before I sent this. Re-building libpipeline does cause 'make check' to execute the tests. I got one failure. I've talked to the owner of the project, and he's sent me a patch that does eliminate the failure. So I now have a libpipeline where all tests pass under Cygwin.

I still get the shared library warnings when building man-db. I haven't yet investigated that.

Chris J. Breisch

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