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Other format: [Raw text] script hangs + mkdir and other commands uses 50% cpu ettal


During an update I ran on 4/21/2014 to update some editors, the that runs near the end of the installation process seemed to hang. Investigating I saw that the commands like mkdir.exe, ln.exe, chmod.exe that are un In that file were using 50% of my cpu upwards to 100%. The process never finished even after an hour of waiting.

Most recent install (full install + updates) was about a month ago. No problems then.

Tried the following:
1) fresh install (same results)
2) running file manually through cmd line (same results) using -c option only shows the file being run with no other output
3) changed all permissions of the files and directories to be full control (windows) same results
4) Tried different download sites ,same results

Checked the file manually and looked for where it got stuck and it looks as if it never makes it past the following the file it created is size of 0.
# Create fstab file if it doesn't exist.
if [ -e "${FSTAB}" -a ! -f "${FSTAB}" ]
  # Try to move
  mv -f "${FSTAB}" "${FSTAB}.orig"
  if [ -e "${FSTAB}" -a ! -f "${FSTAB}" ]
    echo "${FSTAB} is existant but not a file."
    echo "Since this file is specifying the mount points, this might"
    echo "result in unexpected trouble.  Please fix that manually."
if [ ! -e "${FSTAB}" ]

  # Create fstab default header
  cat > ${FSTAB} << EOF
# For a description of the file format, see the Users Guide #

# This is default anyway:
none /cygdrive cygdrive binary,posix=0,user 0 0 EOF Fi

Files attached
Post install file and cygcheck.out  (note had to run manually and it never completed. Just showed what is in the attached file)


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