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Re: problem reproducing perl-Error build

Eric Blake writes:
>> You need a newer Module::Build (I'm currently at 0.4205).  If you build this
>> version of Error you'll also find that it fails the test suite...
> Which version of Error - reproducing the 0.17019 shipped in 64-bit
> cygwin, or the latest 0.17022 available upstream?

The 0.17019 version as shipped with Cygwin64 fails the test suite (but
otherwise works fine for me); I didn't look why exactly it does this.
The current version 0.17022 passes all tests once you've installed a new
enough Module::Build.  I recommend you use App::cpanminus to bootstrap
the build dependencies.

> I guess I should come out and state this:
> I have no vested interest in maintaining the perl-Error package.  It is
> my only 'inherit perl' package, and I originally packaged as a
> pre-requisite of being able to package git; but now that someone else is
> planning on adopting git (although the progress on that front has been
> glacially slow), I'm more than willing to put perl-Error up for adoption
> for anyone else to manage, that is more likely to know how to resolve
> the issues that I ran into.  Is this something you'd like to adopt?

If Reini can be persuaded to unbundle perl_vendor into it's constituent
distributions, then yes.  Otherwise I'd have to maintain another build
environment just for this and change many things in my build process; I
simply don't have the time to do this at the moment.

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