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dos telnet.exe not showing up with cygwin "ls"

I'm using telnet to log in to my modem for certain actions that can't be
done via its web interface.  The thread at indicates that telnet
is normally in Inetutils, and if I don't see Inetutils when running the
cygwin Setup.exe, I should try another mirror.  I use and switching
is not my favourite solution because in the past, using multiple mirrors led
to packages being spread over multiple folder trees.  If I want to replicate
my cygwin installation and packages onto another computer, having multiple
mirror folders makes it messy to create an install CD.

A much simpler solution seems to be to enable the DOS telnet.exe, which for
Windows 7 is described at
 However, I want to run the resulting c:\Windows\System32\telnet.exe from
cygwin rather than DOS so that I can capture the information using the
script command.  Unfortunately, telnet.exe does not seem to be visible to
cygwin.  That is, it shows up on Windows Explorer and when using DIR from
DOS, but not using "ls" from cygwin's bash.  I thought it might be related
to permissions, but the properties for the file show that it is readable and
executable by all.  How might this file be invisible to cygwin?

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