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Re: core-dump, cygwin64-only in locate in

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr 14 14:55, Linda Walsh wrote:
I updated 77 cygwin pkgs Mar 19, and since have had
problems running
'locate' to completion... it dumps core at what
appears to be the end of showing files within
18K of the end of a 22M file.

I can reproduce it and I *think* I found the problem in the source.
Alas, what we need is a new findutils package.

Eric, any chance for an update any time soon?

Thanks for checking it out!   What is wrong w/it?

FWIW, I just installed the mlocate rpm and built it.
I'm running it's updatedb now, to see how it fairs (mlocate
is the one SuSE used to replace locate.

If it works, it isn't hard to drop-in
replace for locate, though
updatedb has some different invocation options.

A 'feature' (or deficit) of mlocate is that
it checks if you have access to the file before
listing the name of the file via locate.

For small numbers of finds (like "/passwd",
it was faster than 'locate', but for large numbers
of files "/", it was slower because of the access checks.

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