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Re: Still testing needed: New passwd/group AD/SAM integration

On Apr 15 03:00, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!
> > For clarity: There is no "looking for users first at"...  capability at
> > all.  The user is searched via the functions LookupAccountSid and
> > LookupAccountName and they decide by themselves in what order to look.
> Got it.
> >> Environment variable to specify/override default domain on the fly.
> > You mean, for deciding which domain goes unprepended?  That would be in
> > the nsswitch.conf file, but it would be possible to implement that.
> > But does it make sense?  Yet another configuration variable?
> Look at it from the usability standpoint. The problem is not the separator
> character, the problem is the ambiguity of the account names in certain
> situations.

What amiguity exactly?  Care to make up a dirt simple example?

> Yes, one of the solutions is to implement a separator character that doesn't
> conflict with current functionality, but satisfy the requirement to be a
> distinguished separation character.

That would be '+'.  And, in a way, the backslash could do as well.
If it works for Samba as default...

I'm pretty torn, right now.  This is one of the "features" of such
a solution where you simply can't do it right for all users.  So
I guess I should better stick to a configurable default.  Sigh.


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