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Re: Windows hostname change fails in recent versions of Cygwin (since 1.7.28)

Thank you for the replies.

>>> The following command used to allow me to change the hostname of a Windows
>>> machine:
>>> wmic computersystem where name=\"$COMPUTERNAME\" call rename name=newname
>>> With new installs of Cygwin this seems to have stopped working...
>> OK maybe I'm just missing something but what part of the above uses Cygwin?
> Shell prompt.
> The user were able to execute specific command with previous versions of
> Cygwin1.dll, but unable now.

Yes, exactly. The goal is to be able to SSH to the machine and run the command
but the same error occurs when running from a local Cygwin terminal.

> @Wedge, there was some changes around handling '=', which is SUDDENLY
> considered a separator character (that is, on par with space) for CMD.exe
> batch files parameters.
> I can't recall the exact dates, sorry.

Ok, that being the case what do I need to do to make the command execute
properly? Escaping? Quotes somewhere? I'm at a bit of a loss.

> Also, is the escaping of quotation marks around computer name necessary?
> Try without them.

Seems to be necessary. I get the following error when executing without quotes
and with un-escaped quotes. Even if I hard-code the current hostname rather
than using the $COMPUTERNAME variable.

Description = Invalid query


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