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Re: Fatal error from Cygwin emacs-w32 every day or so

Ken Brown writes:
> You might have to run emacs under gdb and put a breakpoint at
> emacs_abort in order to get a useful backtrace.  But I'm not sure it's
> worth putting a lot of effort into debugging emacs-24.3 at this point,
> because emacs-24.4 is already in its pretest phase.  I'm traveling
> right now, but when I return in about a week I'll build the current
> pretest version for you to try.

I see these crashes on a regular basis (the few times I've managed to
attach gdb to this Emacs instance I've not got any useful backtraces
except that it was always crashing in a timer triggered function).

I'm waiting for 24.4 myself to see if this resolves itself.  In the
meantime I'm just running Emacs from a Cygwin32 instance, that never
crashes for me.

> One other question: Can you find a way to reproduce the problem, or
> does it just seem to happen randomly?

If I had a reproducer, you'd have it by now.

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