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Re: find_fast_cwd warning persists after uninstalling (Windows 8.1 x64)

> Debugging is tricky unless you have experience with how to debug
> assembler code and know a bit about x86/AMD64 assembler and how to use
> WinDbg.  A high level of capacity for suffering might help, too ;)  It's
> not a lot of code you would have to look at, basically just the first
> 100 or so bytes within two functions in ntdll.dll are affected.  If
> you're basically comfortable with that, we could arrange a debugging
> session via IRC (Freenode).

I don't have much experience, but I know enough assembly to read it
and to do basic debugging. I haven't used WinDbg before, but I've used
other disassemblers as well as GDB. I'm willing to do this if someone
can let me know what I should be looking at/for.

> The other choice is not to debug, but trying to find out what Windows
> Update or what software package introduced the problem.  This is not
> overly tricky, but could take lots of hours and needs lots of patience.
> You would have to deinstall Windows Updates, reboot, try again,
> re-install, remove other Windows Updates, try again... up to the point
> where the find_fast_cwd message disappears.  Also, software packages
> like virus scanners, firewalls, and especially Microsoft software could
> have introduced the problem and deinstalling and later reinstalling
> might do the trick.,.  and then I would have to install the culprit and
> debug the problem myself.

I'll do this if I (really, really) have to. As you say, this will take
some time, largely in rebooting, and that's just assuming it's Windows
Update and not another program.

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