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Re: find_fast_cwd warning persists after uninstalling (Windows 8.1 x64)

On Apr 14 05:23, Mayank Patke wrote:
> > I already wrote two mails on this to this list.  I'm running Windows
> > 8.1 32 and 64 bit, but on my machines, the find_fast_cwd warning is
> > not printed, so the find_fast_cwd mechanism works as expected.
> Right, I saw those in the search results, although I didn't find any
> instances of someone uninstalling and having the same problem. Though,
> as you say, it's likely MSYS which is responsible on my system.
> > To get rid of this message, either I have to know how to reproduce it,
> > or somebody with this problem would have to debug a teeny little bit
> > of assembler code inside the Windows ntdll.dll file.
> I'm willing to debug, but I'd need someone to step me through this.
> > To be able to reproduce it, I would need somebody who can reproduce the
> > problem and being prepared to experiment a bit.  It *seems* the problem
> > is introduced by some Windows update package which is not installed by
> > Windows Update by default.  If we can find out which package this is,
> > I could debug this and get rid of the message.
> Still willing to help.
> I'm not sure what level of expertise you're looking for, but I'll do
> whatever I can to help get this resolved.

Debugging is tricky unless you have experience with how to debug
assembler code and know a bit about x86/AMD64 assembler and how to use
WinDbg.  A high level of capacity for suffering might help, too ;)  It's
not a lot of code you would have to look at, basically just the first
100 or so bytes within two functions in ntdll.dll are affected.  If
you're basically comfortable with that, we could arrange a debugging
session via IRC (Freenode).

The other choice is not to debug, but trying to find out what Windows
Update or what software package introduced the problem.  This is not
overly tricky, but could take lots of hours and needs lots of patience.
You would have to deinstall Windows Updates, reboot, try again,
re-install, remove other Windows Updates, try again... up to the point
where the find_fast_cwd message disappears.  Also, software packages
like virus scanners, firewalls, and especially Microsoft software could
have introduced the problem and deinstalling and later reinstalling
might do the trick.,.  and then I would have to install the culprit and
debug the problem myself.

Sigh, I would be glad if I could reproduce this right now.  That would
be a lot easier for everybody.


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