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Re: find_fast_cwd warning persists after uninstalling (Windows 8.1 x64)

> I already wrote two mails on this to this list.  I'm running Windows
> 8.1 32 and 64 bit, but on my machines, the find_fast_cwd warning is
> not printed, so the find_fast_cwd mechanism works as expected.

Right, I saw those in the search results, although I didn't find any
instances of someone uninstalling and having the same problem. Though,
as you say, it's likely MSYS which is responsible on my system.

> To get rid of this message, either I have to know how to reproduce it,
> or somebody with this problem would have to debug a teeny little bit
> of assembler code inside the Windows ntdll.dll file.

I'm willing to debug, but I'd need someone to step me through this.

> To be able to reproduce it, I would need somebody who can reproduce the
> problem and being prepared to experiment a bit.  It *seems* the problem
> is introduced by some Windows update package which is not installed by
> Windows Update by default.  If we can find out which package this is,
> I could debug this and get rid of the message.

Still willing to help.

I'm not sure what level of expertise you're looking for, but I'll do
whatever I can to help get this resolved.

~ Mayank Patke

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