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Re: find_fast_cwd warning persists after uninstalling (Windows 8.1 x64)

Greetings, Mayank Patke!

> I decided to uninstall Cygwin because, frankly, I don't use it that
> much and because the find_fast_cwd warning in the output of certain
> commands has been interfering with other programs which don't expect
> the warning in the output.

> I confirmed that steps 1-3 here
> ( don't
> apply, then uninstalled all packages via the setup utility. I deleted
> the Cygwin root directory and all shortcuts, although I left the setup
> utility and the downloaded files in my downloads directory for now. I
> checked the registry for all matches for "cyg" and deleted them,
> Software/Cygwin entries in particular, and I have no CYGWIN
> environment variable and PATH does not include the Cygwin directory.

> If I now enter Windows command prompt, commands like "ssh" and
> "cygcheck" are no longer valid and I get the appropriate error
> message. However, if I run commands like "ls" and "make" (included by
> other collections, such as MinGW), I continue to get the find_fast_cwd
> warning.

> I experimented a bit, and running "ls" in PowerShell, where it is a
> built-in alias, does not produce the error message as it does in
> command prompt, where it is not a built-in command. "make" is not
> built in to either one and produces the error message in both
> environments.

> What do I need to do in order to prevent this message from showing up
> again? (Is there some remnant of Cygwin that I still need to remove?)

Since you've removed Cygwin, this is not a Cygwin question.
Neither you provided enough information, such as paths to executables you use,
that produce such messages.
But by the look of it, you were not using Cygwin at all all this time.
So, the problem is not in Cygwin, again.

Andrey Repin ( 14.04.2014, <13:10>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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