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find_fast_cwd warning persists after uninstalling (Windows 8.1 x64)

I decided to uninstall Cygwin because, frankly, I don't use it that
much and because the find_fast_cwd warning in the output of certain
commands has been interfering with other programs which don't expect
the warning in the output.

I confirmed that steps 1-3 here
( don't
apply, then uninstalled all packages via the setup utility. I deleted
the Cygwin root directory and all shortcuts, although I left the setup
utility and the downloaded files in my downloads directory for now. I
checked the registry for all matches for "cyg" and deleted them,
Software/Cygwin entries in particular, and I have no CYGWIN
environment variable and PATH does not include the Cygwin directory.

If I now enter Windows command prompt, commands like "ssh" and
"cygcheck" are no longer valid and I get the appropriate error
message. However, if I run commands like "ls" and "make" (included by
other collections, such as MinGW), I continue to get the find_fast_cwd

I experimented a bit, and running "ls" in PowerShell, where it is a
built-in alias, does not produce the error message as it does in
command prompt, where it is not a built-in command. "make" is not
built in to either one and produces the error message in both

What do I need to do in order to prevent this message from showing up
again? (Is there some remnant of Cygwin that I still need to remove?)

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