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Re: Still testing needed: New passwd/group AD/SAM integration

On Apr 13 14:27, Andrey Repin wrote:
>   But keeping in mind the rules on tilde expansion,
> > ~a+b/file
> > can undergo tilde expansion for username 'a+b', but
> > ~a\\b/file
> > cannot do so, because the \ is necessarily always quoted.  There is no
> > way to get tilde expansion to work for a username containing a shell
> > metacharacter, which frowns on quite a few otherwise useful characters,
> > including \.
> > Worse, the thought of using / as the separator gives me the willies - it
> > is BOUND to go wrong.  The expression
> > ~a/b/file
> > is NOT requesting 'file' within user 'a/b's home, but 'b/file' within
> > user 'a's home.
> This is a grey area. Shell macros is only available is the shell prompt
> itself and scripts executed by this shell.
> And is not portable at all.

But is it such a bright idea to break it for everybody?  It's obviously
not a problem for non-domain, single-user systems.  And I guess
companies which set db_separator to "\" and db_prefix to "always" don't
care for this detail.  But in other companies with lots of login
domains, you have a potentially huge number of users working on machines
in another domain and the separator char would be present quite often.


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