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RE: Fatal error from Cygwin emacs-w32 every day or so

> -----Original Message-----
> Of Ken Brown
> Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 5:43 PM
> Subject: Re: Fatal error from Cygwin emacs-w32 every day or so
> On 4/13/2014 10:53 AM, KARR, DAVID wrote:
> > I recently installed 1.7.29 on a new Win7/64 laptop.  Every day or so, I
> get a "fatal error" dialog from emacs-w32.  It asks me if I want to debug
> it, but I'm not sure what info I could pull from gdb that would be useful.
> A gdb backtrace might or might not be helpful.  I would start with other
> things first (see below).
> > Is this a known problem?
> No.
> > Is there any useful information I could provide?
> Since this is a new computer, my first suggestion would be to check the
> BLODA list (  If that
> doesn't help, please make a more detailed report, following the
> guidelines here:
> > Problem reports:

(Sigh.  It died again while I was writing this note.)

Ok.  I have McAfee on this box.  Note that we've had McAfee installed on all laptops here for quite a while, including my older Win32 box, which I didn't see this problem on.

I'm attaching the cygcheck.out file. I only elided my laptop hostname.

I followed the instructions for creating a backtrace (running "gdb -p <emacspid>" before clicking YES, and then "continue", and then "bt").  However, it just said "No stack.".

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