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Re: We need steenking patches (Re: Cygwin kill utility...)

On Sun, Apr 13, 2014 at 02:45:06AM +0400, Andrey Repin wrote:
>Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!
>> As for new functionality and non-trivial patches, I'm sorry but we
>> still need the copyright assignment in this case.  I know that people
>> are shying away from it, so I hope there still some who don't...
>> See, the "Before you get started" section.
>I honestly don't care. I do not understand whole tantrum around
>"copyright", "copywrong" and other "copyleft".
>What the hell you can do about it? Pick a spoon, crack my head open and drain
>it out of my brain?
>Whatever I release to the public, I mainly do that under WTF PL.

Don't know if you've looked at the form but the issue usually isn't if you
care.  It's if your employer is ok with your assigning code to another
commercial entity.  Your wishes only really enter into it insofar as if
you wish to donate code at all.  After that, it's up to your employer
to release the code to Red Hat.


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