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Re: Possible bug with chere 1.4 when configuring for fish

On 10/04/2014 11:06, Ronald Fischer wrote:
I've had more time to look around. If you add the following to the file
~/.config/fish/ (create it if you haven't already got one),
then things should work as intended:

if status --is-login
	set PATH /usr/local/bin /usr/bin $PATH

Alternatively drop it in the fish global startup file,
I tried the variant of putting it into the global startup file, it
doesn't resolve the problem for me. I'll play around a bit with it as
soon as I have time (I'm a first-time user of fish and am busy with
other things right now, so this might take some time).

You're right, when using the default -2. If you switch to -1, things get better, but then the chere functionality of cd'ing to a directory fails. Fun.

-2 mode fails because fish recognizes a login shell by $0 being exactly "-fish", but chere is using "-/bin/fish". There's a trivial patch* to fish.cpp which could make this work better for us.

-1 mode fails because fish would prefer cygpath was run on the argument first. I'm not sure why this works in bash.

I'll try put together a fix for the latter issue, but it may be a while before I can upload*.

Konrad, are you able to chase the former issue? NB Konrad's email provider is out of action.

Ronald, your choices as the moment:
- Add cygwin\bin to your windows path
- Use the above snippet without the check for a login shell, and method -2. If you don't start too many subshells you're probably OK. If you do need subshells, you could change the check to test if /bin is already in the path.


* New employer, need to clarify status of open source contributions etc.

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