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Re: 1.7.29-2: Exception from cygwin_gethostname

David Rothenberger wrote:
> David Rothenberger wrote:
>> David Rothenberger wrote:
>>> David Rothenberger wrote:
>>>> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>>>> Hi David, Hi Ken [in CC],
>>>>> On Apr  7 13:50, David Rothenberger wrote:
>>>>>> Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
>>>>>>> On 4/7/2014 3:09 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>>>>>>> On Apr  7 11:49, David Rothenberger wrote:
>>>>>>>>> I'm having a problem doing hostname resolution on one of my
>>>>>>>>> Windows 7 64 machines after updating cygwin to 1.7.29-2. I
>>>>>>>>> first noticed it with ssh. I get an error whenever I try to
>>>>>>>>> ssh to any machine using a hostname; it complains the
>>>>>>>>> hostname cannot be resolved.
>>>>>>>>> An strace of ssh shows an exception occuring right after
>>>>>>>>> the call to cygwin_gethostname is logged.
>>>>>>>>> 96   58624 [main] ssh 3536 cygwin_gethostname: name
>>>>>>>>> daver-pc --- Process 3536, exception 000006ba at
>>>>>>>>> 000007FEFDD4940D 860   59484 [main] ssh 3536 __set_errno:
>>>>>>>>> void san::leave():315 setting errno 14
>>>>>>>> Exception 0x6ba is "The RPC server is unavailable".  I have
>>>>>>>> no idea why this exception is generated at all on your
>>>>>>>> machine.  Usually this is a first-chance exception only,
>>>>>>>> which can be ignored, but this is the first time I ever saw
>>>>>>>> this and in the above scenario there's no such exception 
>>>>>>>> expected, so it doesn't get ignored.
>>>>>>>> Oh well, it would have been helpful if this had been
>>>>>>>> encountered last week :(
>>>>> I have uploaded a new snapshot to
>>>>> which is supposed to workaround this problem by only handling the
>>>>> very exceptions the exception handler was designed to handle at
>>>>> this point. Can you please check if this works for you?
>>>> Thanks, Corinna. That solves my problem.
>>>> A co-worker had a slightly different problem with 1.7.29-2. I'll test
>>>> the snapshot on his machine as soon as he's available today and report
>>>> back.
>>> The snapshot fixes the problem on my co-worker's machine as well. Thanks
>>> again!
>> Looks like I spoke too soon. It fixed my simple test case of running
>> ssh, but I still get the exception when I try to run "git push", where
>> git spawns ssh. The exception is exactly the same as before (same
>> address too).
> Hmm... And this time rolling back to 1.7.28 did not fix my problem. And
> my co-worker is not having any problem with the snapshot.

Sorry to keep replying to myself.

I think with the snapshot the exception is being correctly ignored. I
can see the exception being generated and ignored when I do a "git
fetch" (which also uses ssh).

Shortly after the exception is generated in the strace output, I see
windows error 111 being generated. That appears to the be the reason the
git command fails, and not the exception. These may be related, but I'm
not really sure.

The only thing that's new on this machine is switching to SSDs. I might
have to switch back and see if that helps.

Please let me know if the strace is helpful. I don't really think my
machine is sick, since everything else is working fine, but this is only
happening on this one machine, so who knows?

David Rothenberger  ----

"Don't drop acid, take it pass-fail!"
                -- Bryan Michael Wendt

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