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Re: 1.7.29-2: Exception from cygwin_gethostname

On Apr 10 07:47, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 4/10/2014 5:15 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Ken, I would also be greatful if you could give this snapshot a try.
> >You came up with so fascinating testcases.  I tried running emacs-X11 -Q
> >with this new code and it still works(*), so I'm hopeful the workaround
> >is ok until we have the ultimate, SEH-based solution (which,
> >unfortunately, is rather intrusive and so not done in a breeze).
> >
> >This only affects 64 bit Cygwin so you don't have to test it on
> >32 bit, in theory.
> It works fine for me so far (tested 64 bit only).  I ran all the
> previous testcases with no problems.

Thanks a lot for testing!

> Sorry about the fc-cache problem.  Yaakov, any further thoughts on this?

Yeah, a solution to this problem would be nice.  The exceptions and
stackdumps this problem produces are quite ephemeral and tend to
be a bit different with each invocation of Emacs.  What I don't
understand is, why the fc cache, if too old and not exactly matches
the current state of the fonts, crashes at all.  It would be nice
to get rid of this crash and have at least just some error message


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