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Re: 1.7.29-2: Exception from cygwin_gethostname

On 4/10/2014 5:15 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Hi David,
Hi Ken [in CC],

On Apr  7 13:50, David Rothenberger wrote:
Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
On 4/7/2014 3:09 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr  7 11:49, David Rothenberger wrote:
I'm having a problem doing hostname resolution on one of my Windows
7 64 machines after updating cygwin to 1.7.29-2. I first noticed it
with ssh. I get an error whenever I try to ssh to any machine using
a hostname; it complains the hostname cannot be resolved.

An strace of ssh shows an exception occuring right after the call to
cygwin_gethostname is logged.

     96   58624 [main] ssh 3536 cygwin_gethostname: name daver-pc
--- Process 3536, exception 000006ba at 000007FEFDD4940D
    860   59484 [main] ssh 3536 __set_errno: void san::leave():315
setting errno 14

Exception 0x6ba is "The RPC server is unavailable".  I have no idea why
this exception is generated at all on your machine.  Usually this is a
first-chance exception only, which can be ignored, but this is the first
time I ever saw this and in the above scenario there's no such exception
expected, so it doesn't get ignored.

Oh well, it would have been helpful if this had been encountered last
week :(

Good point.  David, can you go back to last week and see if you can still
reproduce it? ;-)

I wish! There were a few important changes to the system starting last
Friday and I dearly wish I could go back to before those changes.

On Friday, I accidentally installed OpenCandy, a PUP adware "program". I
spent some time on Saturday cleaning that with a host of free malware
removals. This removed some registry keys, but I'm pretty sure it was
all safe. Pretty sure...

Also on Saturday I replaced two old HDDs with SSDs. This made my system
a lot faster, but I haven't seen any problems associated with it aside
from the OS complaining about not getting a network connection right
after it boots. I think this is just because it boots so much faster now.

I /should/ have tested the snapshots when the call went out. I wished I
did now, because then I would know if this issue was related to any of
the problems I had late last week. This is a work machine and we're
super-busy, so I was hesitant to experiment with snapshots. But I
learned my lesson; I'll be testing snapshots when Chris or Corinna ask
for testing from now on, on all my machines.

I have uploaded a new snapshot to which
is supposed to workaround this problem by only handling the very
exceptions the exception handler was designed to handle at this point.
Can you please check if this works for you?

Ken, I would also be greatful if you could give this snapshot a try.
You came up with so fascinating testcases.  I tried running emacs-X11 -Q
with this new code and it still works(*), so I'm hopeful the workaround
is ok until we have the ultimate, SEH-based solution (which,
unfortunately, is rather intrusive and so not done in a breeze).

This only affects 64 bit Cygwin so you don't have to test it on
32 bit, in theory.

It works fine for me so far (tested 64 bit only). I ran all the previous testcases with no problems.

Sorry about the fc-cache problem.  Yaakov, any further thoughts on this?


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