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Re: [PATCH] base-files-4.2-1: Change prompt if running with admin rights

On Apr  9 23:50, Christian Franke wrote:
> Achim Gratz wrote:
> >Christian Franke writes:
> >>Attached is an updated version of:
> >>
> >I'll put this on hold until the AD integration has landed in Cygwin
> >(which will require some larger changes anyway).
> Agree.
> >Generally I'd prefer to move such things that depend on personal
> >preferences like setting up prompts into profile.d where they are easier
> >to change and maintain independently from core system functionality.
> The user could disable the root prompt by an "unset PS1a" in a
> profile.d script. The default behavior of Cygwin should IMO be close
> to traditional *nix behavior: Use a special (#) prompt if
> root(-like) privileges are effective.
> >Using the registry to check for administrative privileges is clever,
> >however I'm wondering why we shouldn't simply check via id (that's what
> >I'm doing personally at the moment).
> For standard local administrator users, both would work to check for
> privilege elevation.
> I used the registry check in the past because it only uses shell
> builtins and does not rely on specific SID->gid mappings in
> /etc/group.

Especially given that in future there might be no /etc/group to begin

But even without /etc/group, the administrator's group will have the
gid 544.  I think such a test should be sufficient?


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