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Re: [PATCH] base-files-4.2-1: Change prompt if running with admin rights

Achim Gratz wrote:
Christian Franke writes:
Attached is an updated version of:
I'll put this on hold until the AD integration has landed in Cygwin
(which will require some larger changes anyway).


Generally I'd prefer to move such things that depend on personal
preferences like setting up prompts into profile.d where they are easier
to change and maintain independently from core system functionality.

The user could disable the root prompt by an "unset PS1a" in a profile.d script. The default behavior of Cygwin should IMO be close to traditional *nix behavior: Use a special (#) prompt if root(-like) privileges are effective.

Using the registry to check for administrative privileges is clever,
however I'm wondering why we shouldn't simply check via id (that's what
I'm doing personally at the moment).

For standard local administrator users, both would work to check for privilege elevation.

I used the registry check in the past because it only uses shell builtins and does not rely on specific SID->gid mappings in /etc/group.


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