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Re: 64-bit Heimdal/Cygwin, clock, daylight savings conundrum

ht writes:

> Corinna Vinschen writes:
>> On Apr  9 10:24, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
>>> [Clock behaving oddly/differently]
>>> Has something changed with system clock vs. hardware clock between 32-
>>> and 64-bit cygwin?  Or am I looking in the wrong place altogether?
>> Hmm, maybe.  Apart from time_t being 64 bit (32 bit on i686), the
>> code for time handling is identical.  What's your $TZ set to?
> Europe/London in both cases.
> It occurs to me to check the Heimdal code to see if anything changed
> to enable 64-bit compilation. . .

Nah, much simpler than that :-( Four hours later, after abandoning the
attempt to compile heimdal from cygport and installing
heimdal-debuginfo, another hour of work with gdb establishes that by
default heimdal caches config info in a file in /tmp
(e.g. /tmp/krb5cc_1001) and despite a comment in the code which says
"We always try to remove the file", they don't.  And the cache
includes the offset of clock time from UTC.  So a cache which
persists over a change in, say DST, will be wrong wrt that!


Another time, I'll try to figure out why the cache isn't being deleted
-- _that_ might actually be a cygwin version issue.

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