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Re: We need steenking patches (Re: Cygwin kill utility...)

On Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 10:50:20AM -0600, Warren Young wrote:
>I say all of this as one who has expressed a wish for Cygwin to move to 
>a better VCS at least once in the past; probably more than once.  The 
>need to use CVS did not stop me from contributing a few small patches 
>over the years.  It didn't even present a serious impediment.  Further, 
>I managed to escape the experience without any PTSD. <tic><tic>

And, this gives me the opportunity to say a belated thank-you to you and
other people who have managed, despite all odds, to contribute.

Here's a knocked together list from the last 13-or-so years of Cygwin.

Chris January		John Bowman		Ryan C. Gordon
Christian Franke	John Carey		Ryan Johnson
Christian Lestrade	Jon TURNEY		Salvador Eduardo Tropea
Christophe Jaillet	Kai Tietz		Sam Steingold
Christopher January	Karellen		Scott Finneran
Conrad Scott		Kazuhiro Fujieda	Sergey Ivanov
Craig MacGregor		Keith Seitz		Sergey Okhapkin
Craig McGeachie		Ken Brown		Silvio Laguzzi
Danny Smith		Lars Munch		Sjors Gielen
Dave Korn		Lev Bishop		Steven O'Brien
David Billinghurst	Marco Atzeri		Steve Osborn
David Huang		Mark Bradshaw		Thomas Pfaff
David Jade		Mark Paulus		Thomas Stalder
David MacMahon		Max Kaehn		Thomas Wolff
David Rothenberger	Michael Gorse		Tomas Ukkonen
Denis Excoffier		Micha Nelissen		Tor Perkins
Diego Biurrun		Mikael Ylikoski		Troy Curtiss
Dmitry Timoshkov	Mike Simons		Vaclav Haisman
Doru Carastan		Mumit Khan		VÃclav Zeman
Dr. Volker Zell		Nicholas S. Wourms	Vadim Egorov
Earl Chew		Nicholas Wourms		Wu Yongwei
Earnie Boyd		Nick Duffek		Yaakov Selkowitz
Egor Duda		Norbert Schulze		Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes
Eric Blake		N Stephens		ÐÐÐÐÑÐÐ ÐÐÐÐÐÐ
Ernie Coskrey

Apologies if I missed anyone.


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